How to Claim Car Insurance for Damage Due to A Cyclone?

How to Claim Car Insurance for Damage Due to A Cyclone?

India has been home to a few cyclones over the past few years. Amphan, Fani, Yaas, and Taukte are some examples of these cyclones. The occurrence of such cyclones has been on the rise and it puts a lot of things at risk. It is a common sight to see roads constantly flooded, trees uprooted and cars being submerged in water. If you own a car, it is legitimate to worry about such natural disasters. However, the presence of a COMPREHENSIVE CAR INSURANCE policy can make a lot of difference in such times.

Cyclones are known to cause a lot of damage to life, property, and vehicles, especially cars. Cars getting submerged in water is one of the more common damages. At the same time, cyclones are known to drift cars from their current location as well. In such cases, the damages can be even more severe.

How to raise a claim for a car damaged during a cyclone

If your car has unfortunately been damaged during a cyclone, knowing the steps to claim the CAR INSURANCE policy is important. It will enable you to get your car repaired at the earliest and without having to worry a lot. Here are the steps to claim car insurance.

1. Avoid cranking the engine

Water logging is one of the biggest issues of cyclones. If your car has been submerged in water due to any reason, it is extremely important not to start the car. Do not put the keys in the ignition and try to start the car. If water has entered the car, cranking the engine can cause a lot of damage. In such cases, it is best to wait for the water levels to recede and take the help of a service representative to assess the damages.

2. Notify your insurance provider

One of the first things that you must do in the case of damages due to cyclones is to inform your insurance provider. You can use any of the modes to reach out to your insurer, but calling them might be more effective. Incidents of cyclones are usually covered in the news. Thus, it gets a bit easier to prove that the damages are due to a natural calamity.

3. Collect evidence

Though the damages are due to the cyclone, it is still a good idea to take pictures and videos regarding the damages. Make it a point to capture the exact damages due to the cyclone. Also, news articles about the cyclone can act as supporting evidence for your claims.

4. Keep all details close by

Keeping details about your car insurance policy, registration certificate of the car, etc. can be quite useful before reaching out to an insurance provider for a claim.

5. File a claim

Once you are done with the above steps, you must proceed with filing a claim for your car insurance. Since most of the insurance providers have a smartphone app, you can login to the app and file a claim from there. You can also visit their website to lodge a claim or reach out to the insurance provider for guidance on the same.

What does a total loss in car insurance mean?

While issuing a car insurance policy, insurance providers look into several factors before deciding on the policy premium. One of the major factors is the IDV or the insured declared value of the car. It is the maximum current value of your car.

A total loss in car insurance terms is a situation where the car is badly damaged and is beyond repair. If the cost of repair is greater than 75% of the IDV of the car, insurance providers deem the car as a total loss. In such cases, they will settle the claim by paying the IDV to the policyholder. Total loss of a car can be a common occurrence after a cyclone. If there is water ingress inside the car and it damages the engine and other important parts, it might cost a lot of money to repair the car. Insurance providers can, in such times, tag the car as a total loss and compensate you with the IDV.

As a policyholder, you can choose the IDV of your car within a prescribed range. And you can use a CAR INSURANCE CALCULATOR to see the impact of IDV on the policy premium. If you opt for a higher IDV, it will increase your car insurance premium. On the other hand, it will ensure better compensation during an event of total loss.

Here is an example to elucidate total loss in car insurance. Consider someone who has a car with an IDV of Rs. 8 lakhs. During a cyclone, their car is severely damaged, both internally and externally. Once the person files for a claim, the insurance company finds out that the cost of repair for the car is Rs. 6.5 lakhs. In this instance, the repair cost is more than 75% of the IDV of the car. The insurance provider in such case will settle the claim for the IDV amount of Rs. 8 lakhs.

Policies that offer protection against cyclones

It is pertinent to understand that not all car insurance policies offer coverage against cyclones. A lot of car owners opt for third-party liability policies only. Though the policy offers a lot of savings in terms of premiums, it does not cover your car against cyclones.

For that, you must opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy or a standalone own-damage policy. Comprehensive car insurance policies and standalone own-damage policies do cost a bit more than third-party liability policies. And it is primarily attributed to better coverage on offer. If you have either of these policies, you can even claim damages to your car. And get protection against the following:

1. Accidental damages

2. Man-made calamities such as riots, strikes, vandalism, theft, etc.

3. Natural calamities such as cyclones, floods, earthquakes, etc.

4. Damages caused by fire

5. Damages that occur while the car is in transit

During your policy renewal, these are some of the aspects that you must keep in mind. It will help you choose a plan that offers maximum protection against unforeseen events. When you choose to renew the policy online, you can save a substantial amount owing to the lack of insurance advisors and comparison of policies.


In the unfortunate event of your car being damaged during a cyclone, you can use the above steps to claim car insurance. Being aware of these steps will make the claim process a tad easier for you. In cases of cyclones, insurance providers are usually quite helpful in offering services for car insurance. Some of them even conduct camps to check cars during cyclones. However, it is essential that you choose a comprehensive plan to be able to claim damages due to cyclones.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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