Foods To Eat On Keto Diet

Keto Diet needs a strict routine that needs to be followed in order to lose weight . Here are some healthy food choices for Keto diet .

Food for Keto Diet

With being low in calories , nuts and seeds are full of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats , fiber and protein that is recommended in Keto Diet .

Nuts , Seeds and Healthy

One of the perks of a keto diet is that there is no stringent limitation on the intake of cheese . It is rich in calcium and protein that is important in keto . Onlymphealth 73


Both yogurt and cottage cheese ( Paneer ) are high in protein and calcium . Studies have shown that both calcium and protein can reduce appetite and promote fullness .

Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

Meat is considered a staple on the ketogenic diet . Fresh meat and poultry contains no carbohydrates , is rich in minerals , potassium , selenium and zinc .


Non - starchy vegetables are low in calories and carbs . It is high in nutrients like vitamin C , minerals and antioxidants that can aid cell damaging free radicals . 

Low Carb Vegetables