How To Improve Your Digestive Health ?

Eat a healthy and balanced diet to get all the essential nutrients required for growth and development of the body .

Healthy Balanced Diet

Having a healthy morning meal after a night's rest benefits your intestines and helps it recover .

Healthy Morning Meal

With wholesome breakfast , good lunch and light dinner , you can make the most of your digestive health . Follow a good structure and pattern . 

Good Lunch and Light Dinner

Have healthy and wholesome foods in breakfast including fresh fruits , juices , milk , no - oily foods .

Wholesome foods

Your diet should contain 30 grams of fat , 1 gram per kg of protein intake . Apart from this , carbs and other nutrients must be taken care of in the diet .

Healthy Fats and Carbs

These promote good bacteria in your stomach to maintain gut microbiota . Have yogurt , buttermilk , kimchi , pickles , etc. that are loaded with probiotics .

Add Probiotics in Diet

Having a good balanced diet and having right foods can allow good digestive health . This can promote your overall health and keep you away from illness .